Welcome to our web site

As discussed at the meeting in Las Vegas  the alumni association web site is up and running.  It is still in its skeletal form.  What we need is content.  To attain this goal I respectfully solicit  Your comments on the lay-out.  Suggestions are always welcome. Some ideas i will be incorporating in the near future includes 

a) our presence on social media namely Facebook and Twitter.  I am not sure if a closed group on Facebook is better than a public face book page and account.
b) To provide a password protected page on the web site where minutes of meetings, treasurers reports etc can be posted
c) Facilitate dispersal of information amongst the alumni.  Including information on upcoming meetings
d) Facilitate communications with our alma mater in Ludhiana.
e) Facilitate communications with the Ludhiana Christian Medical College Board.  I have been in touch with Max Marble.

To attain these goals  I am going to need your help.  All of you are encouraged to contribute to the web  I will post materials you send me.  I would for example like Sewa to consider writing a short description of the history of our association.  Remember it's the unto date content that makes a difference.