Dr Bhagwant Gill

Dr Bhagwant Gill

Sad news indeed.  Bhagwant was my classmate and a dear friend. 

I remember spending a day with her in New York City planning our alumni association meeting at the Hilton many years ago.  She was so full of energy, and as we walked down an avenue in the city she  walked at such a fast pace that I had a tough time keeping up with her.  “Slow down Bhagwant” I said  “What’s the rush”   Sweet memories   I last met her at our class 50th reunion at CMC in 2010.  We had a delightful day together.  I will miss her.  

Pradeep Sharma


Letter from our president January 2014

From: Elizabeth Paul <pauleliz@aol.com>
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Sent: Fri, Jan 17, 2014 8:32 pm
Subject: happy New Year

Dear Friends

Happy New Year.

Hope you all had a wonderful and blessed holiday season, and now you are entering another year with new hopes and resolutions. May your New year be filled with blessings and may you find the strength to see through your resolutions.
  For me , it is another year to serve you and our Alma mater , as the president of the Alumni association. The association is only as good as its members, and hence it is my hope that more of us will get actively involved in the association. As a starter, please join the organization, either as annual or lifetime member. Secondly, try to stay connected, through the web or by email.

Our Annual meeting is planned for July 24 to 27, in Los Angeles. The details of registration will be given to you in February. Please save the dates. We are planning it during the summer holidays to encourage younger alumni participation, and I hope we will have a great turn out. I really would like to make it a fun event, and any suggestion is welcome.

    The mission of our organization remainsthe continued connectivity of the CMC Family and the promotion of good will towards our parent institution and towards each other .  The College and hospital, are progressing well,being ranked in the top 10 in the nation, with cutting edge technology( in some departments) and clinical and basic resaerch to match other institutions,, But more than anything else, it  is our medical staff's commitment that has gained us the top 10 rank Thanks to Dr Abraham Thomas and his team.

There are so many areas that still need modernization mostly because of lack of financial support.and that is where we can be of help.
The one project that we the alumni are involved is the Benevolent Fund, to contribute to the financially burdened retired professors. one may contribute any amount to that fund any time. It is really an honourable and humanitarian cause.
  Once again I wish you all a wonderful new year and hope to see you in LA

With warmest regards

Elizabeth Paul M.D
President cmcnaa

CMC Annual Report 2013 Dr Elizabeth Paul

Dear Friends,


Our Annual meeting , as you know, was held in India, the first half in Kerala from October 6 to 12 and the second , in Ludhiana on the 12th night and 13. The Kerala portion of the meeting was attended by 24 of our alumni and their friends/family. A luncheon, sponsored by CMCNAA on the 7th was attended by more than 30 of the local alumni from and around Kerala, including 4 of our esteemed retired professors, Dr John Vettath, Dr Naomi Vettath, Dr Mary Mathew and Dr Joseph Samuel, who we honoured with a plaque, as a token of our appreciation of their dedicated work in CMC. Dr Abraham Thomas, the director attended the lunch and gave an update of CMC’s growth and status. During the meeting, we were able to present a check equivalent to $6900, as a start for the Benevolent fund that is set up to assist our deserving and needy retired professors and their spouses. It was a beautiful after noon, when a lot of us met some long lost friends and made some new, particularly, from the younger generation, who are enthusiastic and trying to propagate the CMC mission and the idea of CMC family.

The 6 days of the tour of Kerala, no doubt, convinced the participants, that Kerala
is indeed “God’s Own Country”. A few of us flew to Ludhiana on the 12
th, and were able to participate in the “ Ross Day” in Ross hostel on the 12th night, a morning Chapel service on Sunday, followed by the dedication of the Laparoscopic unit in memory of Dr Beryl Howie in the Gyn department, Onam function, a regional festival of Kerala, that was celebrated with kerala art forms and other entertainments,( in which the dance performer of Dr Bedi was demonstrated as well) and a sumptuous Keral Lunch served in Banana Leaf!, and a dinner with the CMC staff and the local alumni from and around Punjab, in the evening in near by Hotel. It was wonderful to see the positive changes in CMC and definitely the growth of the place, which now almost qualifies for a medical university! Our stay in CMC once again will stay memorable.

The Annual Alumni Meeting for 2014 is going to be in Los Angeles, from July 24to 27. Please mark your calendar and come and join the meeting. Details will be mailed out in the beginning of the new year.

What have we, the North American Alumni , achieved this year?

1.Howie endowment Fund for Laparoscopic unit for Ob/GYNThe alumni sent $45400 and the USA Board sent $9600 to make the needed $55000 for the scope.
2. Individual donations
Dr Ranu Grewal-Bahl $10000for peadiatric cardiac program,
Dr Cherry Mathew $10000for EMG equipment and $25000for Neurology chair
DrMadhu Bahl $25000 for Medical Library and electron microscope for pathology department.
Dr Ananthakrishnan and Dr Sewa Legha continue to give their time in patient care and teaching
3.website. Thanks to Dr Pradeep Sharma, we have a website www.cmcnaa. Org.
please visit it and use it
4. Alumni Directory Thanks to Rev Max Marble, Dr Sewa Singh and Dr Pradeep Sharma, we have a new directory which is more comprehensive though still far from complete. It has been a Herculien effort for Max, spending hundreds of hours, and our special thanks to him.
5. Resolution of issues with obtaining documents.

While in CMC the problems with obtaining documents was discussed. The following will be the procedure to obtain documents from CMC.
1.The Alumnus contacts the Principal’s office for the documents needed with the correct home or office address and clear instruction of where the documents are to be mailed, along with the initial fee of RS 5000 or the equivalent in dollar amount check
2. The alumnus is to be billed by the principal’s office for all the courier charges in the home or office address provided by the alumnus

The CMC administration is absolutely willing to do what ever it takes to make the process simple and easy. Do make sure that you give correct information

Projects for the coming year
1.Membership drive.
We have more than 400 alumni here in the North America. But , less than 10% is represented in the alumni organization. We have the potential to be a meaningful organization, to provide support for our own graduates here, to give back to our Alma mater and through that to our country men and to give back to our new country that we have adopted. But none of this is possible with out active participation from each one of us with ideas as well as money.
I urge you to become a member, annual or life time, the details are in the directory mailed to you. I invite the younger alumni in particular, as the future of the organization depend on you.

2.Benevolent Fund.
Over the last few years a very sad reality was brought to my attention, the life of some of our esteemed retired professors. They, like all of us, had opportunities to seek better life outside CMC, as you know that CMC’s salary was never competitive. They dedicated their lives for the mission of teaching and healing. Their meager pension monies do not make ends meet, leave alone when they are faced with unforeseen expenses related to illness and so on. It is only our moral obligation and responsibility to take care of our own, specially the ones who contributed to our being what we are today. This was discussed in the executive committee meeting in September, Dr Abraham Thomas was approached to set up a fund and manage it from CMC, which he has done with an initial seed money of his own with RS 20000. I am glad to report that with in the executive committee, we raised $6900, and gave a check to Dr Abraham Thomas during our alumni meeting in Kerala. This fund does not have a target cap, any one can contribute to it any time and the interest earned from the fund will be used for helping the deserving person, depending on the need.
I ask you to participate in this endeavor to take care of our teachers, in their old age I want to thank you all for all the support that you provide for our Alma mater and continue to be part of the CMC family, the family that nurtured us to what and where we are.

See you all in Los Angeles in July of 2014

Warmest regards

Elizabeth Paul M.D
President CMCNAA

Letter From Our President

Dear Alumni,

I am privileged and honored to serve you as the president of the CMC alumni organization of North America. I hope to follow the example of my able and distinguished predecessors who laid the foundation of this organization. It is their vision that has led us from the organization’s inception to the present day. During my term, I intend to continue to honor that vision.

For those who do not know me, I am CMC class of 1964, and am married to Dr. Joy Paul, another CMC graduate. After I completed my D.O.M.S and my husband completed his M.S and M.Ch in urology, we left CMC to join the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) in 1972. There, I began my career in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and my husband continued his advanced urological training. We have both been in private practice in Los Angeles for over thirty years. Our children and their families live in the area and occupy most of our free time.

I feel fortunate to head an organization where the members revere and cherish their roots: our alma mater, CMC Ludhiana. CMC graduates are truly unique. Not only did we receive an excellent medical education, but also we learned the art of healing and caring for the human being in a holistic and spiritual manner. It is this bond that the CMC family shares and continues to cherish through our Alumni organization.

This year’s meeting was held from October 18 to 20 in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Wynn hotel. Our outgoing president, Dr. Swarnjit Singh, organized a wonderful meeting that was well attended by alumni from all over the United States as well as Australia and India. As always, the meeting provided a time to reconnect, reminisce, and make new friends. A very welcome change was the attendance and enthusiasm of the younger generation of alumni. During the business meeting, we elected the new office bearers for the next term. The elected officials are as follows:

Dr Elizabeth Paul (Laly)

Vice President
Dr Arun Adlakha

Dr Neena Grewal

Dr Geeta Chhibber

Web & Technical Assistance
Dr Pradeep Sharma

Member at large
Dr Swaranjit Singh
Dr Ananda Krishnan
Dr Deepa Gupta
Dr Nutan Gill
Dr Mandeep Rair

CMC Board of Representatives
Dr Joy Paul
Dr Meenakshi Singh
Dr Sewa Singh
Dr Anil Chhabra

Advisory Board
Dr Sarjit Gill
Dr James Cotelingam
Dr Anil Chhabra

In addition, Reverend Max Marble will serve as the staff person for the CMC Board United States and shall act as the liaison for CMCNAA. His contact information is marbleLCMC@gmail.com. We welcome Max and his wife Sally and we look forward to working with them.

As president, one of my goals is to improve communication among our North American alumni. As a first step, efforts are already underway to compile a more accurate and complete registry of our alumni here in North America. I want to thank Dr. Pradeep Sharma for his commitment to create a social network for the association and the countless hours he is putting in to set up and maintain the website and compile the directory.

I would also like to take this opportunity to reiterate one of the missions of our association: to give back to the alma mater. Each of us should find a way to contribute – whether it is through monetary assistance for purchasing medical equipment or financing a specific staff project, or by volunteering at CMC Ludhiana. Director Dr. Abraham Thomas is always approachable and the CMCNAA can facilitate documentation for tax purposes. His contact information is abrahamgt@hotmail.com. As alumni, it is our responsibility to promote and maintain the institution that we are so proud of to ensure that it remains one of the top centers of excellence for medical care.

Next year’s annual meeting will be held in India, with a six to seven day tour of Kerala (“God’s own Country”) and a three-day trip down memory lane at CMC Ludhiana. The program is open to all CMC graduates and their guests. The details of the trip and program will be posted on the web and you can also contact me if you have any questions. For those in the United States, remember the new rules of travel to India: there must be a gap of at least two months between visits (unless you have OCI status). In order to attend the alumni meeting, you should not plan a trip to India after July 31, 2013.

After talking with the younger alumni at our Las Vegas meeting, I realized that we should revisit the timing of our annual meeting because those with school-going children are not able to attend meetings in October. I hope to schedule the 2014 meeting – which will be held in Los Angeles – in the summer months to facilitate attendance of younger alumni.

Finally, I encourage the alumni to make use of the website to stay connected with the association, and to contact the CMCNAA or the CMC Board Liaison, Max Marble, for any relevant professional assistance. The executive committee remains committed to serve you. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments. We hope to see you all next year in India.

Yours truly

Elizabeth Paul MD
President CMCNAA
Home Phone 301-541-3607
Cell Phone 301-801-4757
Email pauleliz@aol.com

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