Dr Beryl Howie

Dear CMC Alumni Friends,

I have just received the news of the passing of Dr. Beryl Howie who served at CMC from New Zealand.  I did not know her but have been assured that many of you knew her well and therefore I am passing this word on to you.



This is the email that I just received from New Zealand.

Dear friends,

We are sorry to be sharing the sad news of the passing of Dr Beryl Howie on Saturday evening, 1st December, 2012.

The funeral service is to be held in Greyfriars Church, Auckland, on Wednesday 5th, at 2.00 p.m.

She had been failing gradually, and had been resident in a rest home in recent months. She is deeply loved and we will miss her very much.
As it said in The NZ Herald, HOWIE, Beryl Overton. (QSO, DSc Otago, FRCS, FRCRG, FRACOG). Passed away peacefully at Caughey Preston Ventnor Home on 1 December 2012, aged 88.

Beryl was a very talented and capable person who had a great influence on a tremendous number of people, professionally and personally. It flowed from her experience of coming to know Jesus as student, and from her commitment to serve him throughout her life. She formed a wide circle of loyal friendships, which included her students, and continued to follow them up in her prayers and with great interest over many years. She had great vitality and love for life, nourished by her daily walk with God and her never-failing trust in Him through all circumstances. It was in response to a clear call of God that she came to Ludhiana. At CMC, in the light of the needs of village India and of the calling of the Christian Hospitals to serve the poor, she was committed to training students how to provide quality care even though resources might be meagre, using clinical acumen and sound grasp of contemporary knowledge. She tried to act with integrity, and her chief concern was to follow the truth where it led, rather than be caught in party spirit and loyalties- which required courage! Her patients knew that she loved them and would do everything she could for them, and they loved her for it. We are so grateful to God for Beryl, and for the way we have all been enriched through her experience of His love in her life.

Max Marble, Executive Director
Ludhiana Christian Medical College Board USA
PO Box 1327
Columbia, MO  65205
Email:  marbleLCMC@gmail.com

Dr Elizabeth Paul our President Writes

I just got news from Dr Kim Mammen, about the passing of Dr Howie on December Ist,2012, The funeral services are to be held on Wednesday ,Dec 5th in Auckland.
Those of us who were fortunate enough to know her , would agree that her energy ,and vigor were infectious and we will never forget that smile!She had strong convictions and lived her life true to her convictions,spreading love and cheer ,through her ministry of healing.
I am sure Dr Howie Is happy where she is, finally with her Lord
One life ,well lived
Elizabeth Paul